CSharp Obfuscator

CSharp Obfuscator protects your .NET application code through obfuscation transforms, while maintaining debugging abilities for quality assurance testing.

The Problem

Unprotected applications are vulnerable to intellectual property theft and unauthorized access to source code. Without protection, others can easily bypass licensing to access your systems, allowing them to easily extract and tamper with code.

The Solution

Unauthorized reverse-engineering is made impossible by rename obfuscation, which prevents attackers from decompiling your .NET assembly back into source form. Once your application has been obfuscated, the code is incomprehensible and irreversible, ensuring that any vulnerable information is shielded from unauthorized access.


Rename obfuscation applies trivial names, as short as a single character, to methods, variables, classes, and fields that allow code readability.

The resulting obfuscated code is much more difficult to read and impossible to reverse-engineer because the original names are never included in the obfuscated assembly.



with a string file

Scrambling Strings

CSharp Obfuscator extracts all strings and puts them in a seperate source file.

All strings are serialized and encoded, which blocks the hacker from locating the critical method by searching for keyword strings.

For further protection, you can encrypt the strings using your unique key.

The Comparison

Obfuscated applications are extremely difficult, or even impossible, to troubleshoot after the obfuscation process.

CSharp Obfuscator

  • It obfuscates your source code instead of the assembly
  • It allows you to run full quality assurance tests even after your source code has been obfuscated, ensuring that your code is both tested and protected
  • It allows you to encrypt all strings with your own key. The key does not need to be embedded in your application if you have a license server.
  • It looks like you are writing the obfuscated code by yourself. No deobfuscator tool could restore the code and strings.

Equal confidence in the obfuscated code as your original source code.


Other Solutions

  • It obfuscates the assembly
  • Limited quality assurance tests
  • It encrypts strings with a certain pattern, so a deobfuscator tool could restore these strings easily.
  • It provides some fancy features, such as tamper detection, anti-debug, etc. These pattern-based features could be removed easily by a deobfuscator tool.

Are you confident?


Feature Free Free Premium Premium
Type Visual Studio extension Standalone application Standalone application Standalone application
Work Mode By file By solution By solution By solution
ASCII characters
Symbol characters ×
Declarations Unlimited Up to 200 Unlimited Unlimited
Update xaml file ×
Configuration ×
Obfuscation rules ×
License Per device Per device
License transfers 2 5



auto-renew subscription:
$180/year after the first year